Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4.13.2010 - The Woodrose (Garberville, CA)

I am definitely on a lucky streak pertaining to dining out these days (thanks to great and knowledgeable friends and family) and having been dining out often and am probably paying the proverbial dietary price.

The Woodrose is a quaint little cafe nestled in the drug induced affluence of Garberville. They serve hearty, organic style fare for breakfast and lunch only. Their menu was large and diverse, but pretty darn pricey so that you may have to decide between eating there or purchasing that new bulb for your lighting system. The food was good though; I had the ABC Omelet. The eggs were fresh tasting, there was plenty of avocado, the Niman Ranch bacon was delicious (of course), and the white cheddar a nice touch. The omelet also came with some great homefries and wheat bread (not straight out of the bag). Oh, and not to sound like I'm gushing, but the coffee was awesome (which is crucial).

Ok, so it sounds like I kind of like this place, right? Right. But remember, it's pricey. That omelet I so enjoyed? $14.95. Worth it? I don't know. So go with warning, but know your food will be yummy.

911 Redwood Dr.
Garberville, CA

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