Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Wow! What a day... (insert sarcasm here)

First, we were posted at the Palmer Creek stream gauge for four hours so we could take stream height readings every 15 minutes. This was done so we could correlate the stream height there to a nearby drainage's (Star Gulch) known and publicized output. Palmer Creek is the one that goes dry intermittently, so we are trying to figure exactly at what output it goes dry and exactly where it goes dry first so we can know where to concentrate our rehab efforts.

After, Ian brought us up to check on some possible illegal instream mining work. We went through some truly beautiful and crazy landscapes. The paved road quickly turned to gravel which we wound up following a tributary to the Applegate. The road snaked through the mountains and all of a sudden we were in an awesome mountain valley. As soon as I had a chance to look around, we were leaving the valley and back into heavy woods headed for more mountains.

Later, he gave us an introduction to and showed us how to look for dead hazard trees for a project we will do later (more on this tomorrow).

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