Friday, April 24, 2009


A very boring day. Ian was gone, so I didn't have much of importance to do or really much of anything to do.

When I got off, I drove up to the lake (about 10 minutes away) and ran some of the trail that runs along its perimeter. The lake itself isn't too pretty- following the trend of most man-made lakes- but the surroundings were great, the trail was nice, and it offered a good view of the Red Buttes Wilderness (pictured, but not by my hand).

Tomorrow, I go to Ashland to participate in an Earth Day festival because the Forest Service has a booth, I need work hours for my Americorps crap, and I am their bitch (hopefully they won't make me wear the Smokey the Bear costume).


  1. Haha, I hope you didn't have to wear a Smokey the Bear Costume...but it would be kinda funny. Anyways, Just wanted to say, it sounds like you're in a really cool place. Kind of in the middle of no where from what it sounds like. Which is what I'm doing this summer too, so thats cool. And I miss having you at home. It's weird to come in and not have you ever here. I like being able to come in and tell you about my practice because you are the only one in this house who plays frisbee anymore. But today we only had six people so we couldn't play at all. We went on a forest run and then had a burly box drill with the six of us, one of which was Mary. Yay regionals coming up. Since I couldn't tell you that in person, I thought I would tell you on here. I hope the weekend up there is nice. It's super windy here, so not really that nice to be outside. Anyways, enjoy being in Oregon. Getting away seems like it would be kind of nice for a while.

  2. When I worked at the Seattle Aquarium there was this Sammy the sea otter suit that they made some of us "Naturalists" wear. I refused to ever go near that thing. Gross. I really hope they didn't make you don that costume in the Oregon heat.

    Also, we boxed with five... Heidi will have to get used to talking to me about ultimate instead.

    We miss you.

    Have fun.
    love, Charlie